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OUR FREE CONSULTATION will be a helpful forum for answering the myriad of questions you have about college selection, the application process, financial aid eligibility, and much more!


We have found that the concerns of parents and prospective students can differ and it is a good exercise to consider some initial questions prior to your call with us. Below is list of topics that are often brought up by our clients.

Questions Often Asked by Students and Parents


  • What major should I choose in college?

  • What college should I go to?

  • What are the entrance requirements to the colleges I am interested in?

  • Do I have to know what career I want to pursue in order to enroll in college?

  • ​What happens if I don’t declare a major?

  • I plan to transfer to a university. How do I know if my credits will transfer?

  • How do I find out about life on campus and how much it costs to live there?

  • If I decide to change majors at the same school, how will I know if all of my credits will be transferred between programs?